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What Our Clients Have To Say:

I contracted for Ragi Riad, CPA’s services over a year ago and have never experienced better or more thorough customer service in my 45 years of self employment. His ability to communicate complex subjects in a very simple, straight forward manner has been very helpful., and his accessibility at all hours is astonishing. Without question a 5 star rating.

— Kevin


Extremely responsive and professional. Always there when I need him. Highly recommended.

— David


Great service and counseling. Ragi is a top notch CPA. You can trust him.

— Ken


Being new to real estate investing, I needed someone who knew the laws and the benefits with these types of investments.
Ragi made me feel confident I wasn’t breaking any rules, yet also not missing any entitlements. I really was happy for the time and patience he gave me in making sure I understood the options and opportunities of these investments. He even got me an extension to make sure that I had the time to comprehend all the different laws and benefits there are.

— Ron


Ragi is professional, honest, and knowledgeable about what he does and the changes in taxes. He looks after what helps and protects his client and is detail-oriented. I am blessed to have him as my CPA.

— Ehab


Ragi is efficient, knowledgeable and extremely trustworthy!

— Dina