Our Business Model


Our business model is based on seven essential “P”s:

  • We strongly believe that our Profits belong to God
  • We see Prayers as the foundation of our business
  • We are extremely Passionate about serving our clients
  • We realize that People are the backbone of our business
  • We are Proactive and Professional with our clients
  • We are committed to serving a great Product

You might ask what makes our firm unique!!!

We are glad you asked!!

We strongly believe that not all CPAs are created equal.

We are committed and dedicated to our clients by exhibiting competency and excellence in every interaction

What is a competent CPA?

We believe in Creativity when it comes to your taxes. We think outside the box, ask the right questions and listen attentively to give you the most favorable tax outcome and sage advice for your business.


Being Proactive is at the core of our business model as we always look for opportunities to advise our clients on saving tips or on any IRS red flags issues.


Combining Analytical skills and problem solving strengths while being Approachable and easily Accessible set our firm apart in the tax professional world.